On the move

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We’ve moved to: morrowvintagecustoms.blogspot.com

Check out the new website, it’s up and running!


Thanks all!


A New Day

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After a lot of hard work a few custom bikes are rolling out the door and we’ve decided to add the following services. Check it out and pass it on!




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Yea I said it…when a mans mind is let free to join with his spirit and his creativity he is able to accomplish his goals with ease. Holes line up, threads don’t strip, sheet metal bends like tin foil and brackets practically make themselves. What is difficult for one is easy for another, a couple of months ago someone offered to do what is easy for them and difficult for me. So now I can do what is easy for me. I have a manager now and it’s the best thing to happen since I bought my first tig welder. Guess what?   I build motorcycles………….Yea I said it.My living room

Mark K. doing his thing and doing it well

      The big 650l is back on deck. I like my big buddy and we’ll be tearing up shit very soon.   

 Gary Von PGary Von P 

All good in the hood

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Happy holidays to everyone, here are some pics from this week. A bunch of bikes here after the show, kinda looks like a showroom. Thanks for looking, K

Chopperfest 2011

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Wow another Chopperfest has come and gone, the years are flying by my friends. All the boys (and girls) were in town with their special brand of love and support, and their bikes. We got to do a little riding, wrenching, and bullshitting. We neeeeed to do MORE of that you guys. A big thanks to Tory and Gary for the best space a vendor could ask for. To everyone that stopped by, thank you for your kind words. I spend a lot of time building these dang bikes and words from friends and strangers mean a ton to me. I saw a bunch of picture taking all day, thank you to all the photogs., please spread the love.

        I should be able to post some pics from the show real soon, til then here are some from the aftermath, I never have so much wrecking the shop as I do for Chopperfest week. K

Fun with billet

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You know under all that chunky aluminum stuff  lives a pretty nice part. It’s up to me to find it. Here’s a few examples

Knocking out the Pan

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Hey here are a few shots of the latest custom just about ready to fire up.I’ll be posting more shots when I ride it.

It’s got a real nice stance, lots of ground clearance.

A ton of hand fabbed parts and this customer LOVES his chrome.

 Much more on this bike to come, thanks for looking, K